20 motivational exercise quotes to get you through (or to) your next workout

It’s a sad truth that often when we need a workout the most, we’re the least motivated to actually be active. Sometimes we need practical strategies to get us out of the funk, and other times we need motivational words.

They say getting to your workout is half the battle – and believe it or not, there’s no denying that being clear about your goals and what really motivates you will help ensure your success. Over the years, remarkable quotes have been spat out at me out of the blue in training classes, and many have stayed with me when I need a boost. Equinox’s Jordon Law noted that if she can take the cycling class while still teaching, we certainly can given that we don’t exert extra energy talking and getting a room excited. In the midst of a particularly grueling sprint, Barry’s instructor Todd Mendiola told the class to think of all the people who would give anything just to run for a minute whenever we consider giving up and to walk. As Rumble co-founder Noah Neiman put it simply, “If you wanna look like you walk, walk; if you wanna look like you run, run.”

For all the exercise-themed words of wisdom that have accompanied you for years, there are plenty of cheesy and cringe-worthy lines that are distributed regularly, but we’ve sorted through countless snippets to highlight a few- one of the most inspiring quotes to get you up and moving. These sayings might be just what you need to keep yourself from skipping your next workout, giving up when the going gets tough, thinking negative thoughts, or giving in to your desire to crash on the couch with a sleeve. ‘Oreos.

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