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In a further quest to improve measures to control the trend of HIV/AIDS, science has come up with more drugs to enable people to easily comply with drug use.
One of these drugs is “injectable pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), an addition to the PrEP group of drugs targeting key populations and those at risk of HIV infection.
Disclosing this in an exclusive interview, Rivers State Center for Population Health Initiatives Medical Officer Dr. Azikpono Ozore explained that injectable PrEP is a development of the original PrEP, which is a drug that affected individuals take daily. .
“Initially it started as a medicine to be taken every day, but because research has shown that people complain of being HIV-negative, while taking HIV medicine daily, they see it as a burden.
“Therefore, science wants to ease this burden of daily medications and make sure people are still HIV-negative, which is why they introduced injectable PrEP,” he said.
Ozore, speaking on the sidelines of the first trimester prevention technical working group meeting in Port Harcourt, said that injectable PrEP, “is like an injection: you take it once every two It can prevent HIV in two months before you take the next dose.
“With this development, at least people will want to take the drug more,” he said.
Another development, according to Dr. Ozore, is “Vagina PrEP Rim”, which is usually inserted into a woman’s vigaina or cervix and acts as a medicine for the person.
He also revealed that scientists are currently carrying out tests on HIV drugs that will allow people to take the drugs weekly, instead of current drugs that are taken daily.
“These kind of groundbreaking advances are coming so that people can freely take their medications and we can actually prevent HIV.
“The goal for the future is zero new infections, and the only way to get there is when people take PrEP and use other protective mechanisms to make sure they stay negative,” a- he declared.
Speaking on the durability of the injectable, Rivers State Chairman of the HIV Prevention Technical Working Group, Professor Charles Tobin-West, said it was possible.
This, he explained, is because, like PrEP, injectable PrEP is only intended for the key population, including the high-risk population, and discordant couples, and not for the general population.
“It is offered to them in order to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS, because if we do not do it, these categories of people will be at the center of the spread to the general population.
“If this is allowed, everything we do to fight HIV will be destroyed,” he said.
He said the meeting was aimed at allowing various organizations involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS to take stock of their activities so far, saying that according to all the presentations made, the gap to zero infections to HIV in Rivers State has further reduced.
PrEP is a drug used by HIV-negative people who are at risk of contracting the virus. These people are considered the “key population”, which includes people at high risk (sex workers, men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, etc.) and discordant couples: marriages in which a partner is HIV negative and the other is positive.

By: Sogbeba Dokubo

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