From Fasting to Elimination Diet, 20 Effective Tips to Cure Gut Health

To stay fit and healthy, gut health plays a vital role. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain your well-being. People prefer weekend bowel cleanse, supplements, or even detox drinks, but bowel cleanse goes beyond that. Gut health isn’t just about healthy drinking.Read also – Study explains how severity of Covid-19 affects gut health

On Instagram, psychology expert and biohacker Tim Gray spoke in detail about the benefits of gut health. An excerpt from the caption reads: “Don’t think drinking Kombucha will heal your gut, neither will taking a supplement or going on a weekend cleanse (sic) likely.” Also Read – 5 Healthy Ways to Improve Gut Health and Boost Immunity

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According to Tim, gut health is important because if your gut isn’t good, your health won’t be as our gut determines how well we:

  • Getting nutrients from our food
  • Recycle Hormones
  • Detox

Tim says that to fix gut health, maybe chew food properly or stay hydrated better (salt helps us produce stomach acid), others are going completely plant-based and eliminating stuffed processed meat cheap antibiotics, or others can go carnivorous and eliminate anti irritants. -nutrients that many plants have.

Symptoms that should not be ignored when it comes to gut health are

  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Poo 5 or more times a day
  • Floating poo

“The point is, WE ALL HAVE INDIVIDUAL NEEDS and saying ‘eating meat/being vegan’ or whatever IS THE ONLY WAY, is fundamentally wrong. It’s about you and figuring out what you personally have need right now and reevaluate,” says Tim.

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