How to grow your own probiotics for better gut health

(Good Things Utah) – If you’re trying to cut down on your sugar intake or are looking for dairy-free alternatives to aid digestion in your diet, look no further.

Merrick Maxfield, a local Utah inventor who recently appeared on the hit investment TV show Shark Tank, joined us in the studio to show off his invention of healthy foods arriving in kitchens all over the world. country.

Merrick’s invention revolutionizes the way we consume probiotics in our food, allowing you to grow your own probiotic cultures overnight! Probiotics promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria and have been linked to a wide range of health benefits.

Made: Probiotics are essential for digestion, immunity and general well-being – There are over 140 benefits of probiotics in general.

Experts now agree that liquids rich in probiotics are the best way to stimulate beneficial bacteria in your gut. The only way to get really fresh probiotics was to make them yourself, but it could take hours of preparation and days of fermentation. Now, with the Probiotic Maker ™, it only takes a minute of preparation to grow your own crops overnight and reap the immediate benefits of the freshest probiotics in delicious yogurts, kefir, shakes and more!

The Probiotic Maker ™ makes probiotics for you! Preparing up to a gallon of probiotic-rich liquid at a time, the Probiotic Maker ™ saves you money and reduces your plastic waste. It also gives you full control. The probiotic maker only takes a minute to prepare.

There are no dirty dishes or complicated equipment. You can prepare a delicious snack that is safe for the intestines in three simple steps:

  1. Add the Starter Pack with 11 types of probiotic cultures to your milk or non-dairy drink.
  2. Slide out the Maker and plug it in overnight.
  3. From around 8 a.m., you will have a liquid rich in probiotics that you can turn into a smoothie or enjoy as kefir. Longer culture for a bit thicker yogurt!

Advice: Use Whole Milk: Probiotics consume sugars / carbs to thrive, leaving you with high fat, low carb paleo / keto diet treats, yogurt, kefir, snacks, protein shakes, smoothies. Be sure to try it out!

With this easy-to-use product, your family will always have fresh and delicious probiotic foods and drinks right at their fingertips. No more stacking your basket of sugary, overpriced yogurts and probiotic supplements that take weeks to work.

With the probiotic maker, you can also take control of your diet. No More Scary Ingredients You Can’t Pronounce – Using the probiotic maker you control fat, sugar, flavor, milk type, acidity, and thickness.

Probiotics are essential for gut health and they live up to their name. Adding them to your diet is also relatively easy and affordable.

Whether you have digestive issues or just want to be proactive, include these beneficial microbes in your food and drink choices. The best way to do this is with The Probiotic Maker ™. You will restore your body’s balance in no time.

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