Indian Army conducts airborne exercise. Internet users praise the “courage and pride” of the troops

The Indian Army recently conducted an aerial exercise and a video showing paratroopers maneuvering in the sky has taken the internet by storm.

The Supplementary General Directorate of Public Information, Integrated Headquarters of the Ministry of Defence, shared the clip on Twitter. The clip showed soldiers entering the plane, dressed in a military uniform and seen jumping out of the plane one by one and landing on the ground effortlessly.

“#IndianArmy conducted #AirborneExercise to validate air insertion and rapid response capabilities along #NorthernBorders. The exercise involved airlift of airborne troops, large scale airdrops, rapid regrouping, surveillance of targets criticism and goal capture,” the tweet read.

See the video:

The 25-second clip has garnered over 38,000 views and over 3,000 likes so far. Netizens congratulated the soldiers for this feat. “It takes a lot of courage and pride to jump from a moving plane at an altitude of 14,000+ feet… Skydivers are special..”

Quoting Indian Army officials, ANI said in a tweet, “Around 600 Paratroopers from Indian Army Airborne Rapid Response Teams carried out large scale airdrops near Siliguri Corridor on March 24-25 as part of an airborne exercise.”

The exercise conducted on March 25 was intended to validate air insertion and rapid response involved the airlift of Airborne troopslarge-scale airdrop, rapid regrouping, surveillance of critical targets, depending on India Defense News.

Previously, the airborne exercise was conducted in eastern Ladakh at 14,000 feet in November last year. It included non-combat jumps and integrated combat drills by airborne forces to validate rapid response capabilities.

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