Kellogg’s VR experience raises awareness of gut health

Kellogg’s launched an interactive campaign in Australia to highlight the importance of gut health.

The campaign, titled “Gut Bacteria Reef” and created by TBWAEleven Sydney and Nakatomi, uses virtual reality (VR) to teach players that their gut is very much like a coral reef, home to billions of organisms in need of specific nutrients to thrive.

Players delve deep into the human gut, armed with fiber-rich Kellogg’s cereal, to help feed the good bacteria and allow them to grow and outweigh the bad bacteria.

Kellogg’s hopes this will help Australians understand that fiber is essential for maintaining a healthy gut. 50% of Australians suffer from gut health issues each year, and two-thirds of Australians still don’t meet their recommended daily fiber intake.

As part of the campaign, Kellogg’s has also partnered with Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and invited visitors to try out the VR experience and dive into their wombs.

“Our cereals contain key sources of fiber which can help Australians maintain a healthy gut. We’ve combined the science of gut health with the fun of gaming in an innovative way that will enable more Australians to understand the complexities and needs of the microbiome that lives inside all of us,” said Dan Bitti, Senior Director marketing for breakfast at Kellogg’s. .

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