Man who raffled his car to pay for cancer treatment gets it back from winner

  • Cancer patient raffled off in his car to pay for cancer treatment has the chance to pick up winner’s car
  • The raffle winner thought it wise to return the car to the original owner despite winning it in a fair draw
  • The man who won the raffle was seen handing over vehicle documents to the man in an encouraging video

To pay the hospital bills he incurred to treat cancer, a Mexican had his car raffled off. He was lucky because the man who won the raffle decided to be human enough to return the car to him.

The man bringing documents into his car. Credit: Good News Movement
Source: Instagram

A video shared on Instagram by Good News Movement showed the happy moment when the man picked up his vehicle in the presence of jubilant people. According to the good news movement:

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“A man in Mexico raffled his Chevy truck to pay for stomach cancer treatment. He never expected the car to be returned to him.”

Internet users react

Internet users who have seen the inspirational video have this to say:


“My husband says I cry too much when I come to this page and he is absolutely right.”


“It’s not nice. It’s devastating. We are failing our health care system and there is nothing cute about it.”


“Beautiful people and goodwill among men, but he should never have worried about paying for cancer treatment in the first place. It is absolutely criminal for a country to do this to its citizens.”


“Absolutely beautiful act of kindness. Showing love to others when it matters most. God bless these humans and all who are struggling like this right now. Prayers for love and healing.”

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“He’s the best they are yet, they’re a few good people in this world, we just can’t see them in the media.”

See the heartwarming video below:

Young worker returns lost phone to owner

In a related story also reported by a young man returned a lost phone to the owner and was praised for his act of kindness.

The amiable man, identified as Nduduzo Dlamini, found the lost phone at an amusement park, but decided to return it right away instead of keeping it to himself.

Nduduzo Dlamini, a South African, received praise for his honesty as netizens described him as nothing but a Good Samaritan.


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