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What is Shadow?

Ombre is a health and wellness startup based in San Francisco. They offer a test to dissect the microbes in your stomach by inspecting a feces test. Based on their findings, they create a report on the stomach microbiome. This report provides important information to help you further develop your stomach microbiome, including the choice to create a personalized probiotic routine. Shadow recommends that improving your stomach health helps you achieve better weight reduction results, see improvements in your disposition, feel more feisty, and work on your treatment.

Notwithstanding their personalized program, Ombre offers a menu of four “ready to use” probiotics trained to work on unambiguous parts of your well-being.

Shadow Gut Health Test

the Shadow Gut Health Test is Shadow’s microbiome test. You send them a small example of your stool, and they create a microscopic organisms in your stool report, which is a representation of the microorganisms in your stomach.

Shadow uses an abundance of distributed logical examination to understand how the wealth of various types of microscopic organisms in your stomach connects to accessible logical exploration and the microbiomes of others. This review allows them to recommend what your results might mean for your overall well-being. Ombre uses this data to create personalized diet and probiotic suggestions to further develop the variety and well-being of your stomach microorganisms. This report includes food varieties and probiotics that may prove useful in reducing potentially pathogenic microorganisms and increasing the assortment of other more accommodating species.

Significantly, Shadow specifically mentions that it is not symptomatic assistance. If you are concerned about gastrointestinal side effects or other health issues, you should speak to your healthcare provider.

Probiotics and prebiotics

In addition to their custom probiotic blends that they prepare for you based on your report data, Ombre also offers a choice of three ready-to-use probiotics and one prebiotic. These mixtures can work on unambiguous parts of general prosperity.

Solid gut
This probiotic is for people with stomach-related conditions, such as swelling, stomach pain, and loose bowels. Sound Gut contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus paracasei Th2, Bifidobacterium lactis, as well as nutrients and prebiotics that act on general well-being.

Endless Energy Intended to further build energy levels by managing glucose and fighting exhaustion, Endless Energy incorporates Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Bifidobacterium lactis, along with nutrients C and D.

metabolic booster
Ombre’s Metabolic Booster uses strains that reviewers recommend play a role in supplement retention. It could also help with the aggravation that could lead to discomfort and even weight gain, making it the best decision for anyone on a crash diet and need to take advantage of it. It contains eight bacterial strains, including bifidobacteria longum and lactis, lactobacillus rhamnosus and enterococcus faecium.

To go up
Rise is Ombre’s prebiotic powder intended to take care of the sonic microscopic organisms currently in your stomach and to support the microorganisms you present with their probiotics. It’s usually fiber, but the vast majority of fiber can handle it easily whether or not they have huge stomach-related issues. It contains fixings like sun fiber, acacia and baobab.

How does Shadow work?

The nature of any information is on par with the nature of the example. Fortunately, Shadow’s matching strategy ensures that when your example appears in the research facility, it’s as close to a representation of the microbes in your stomach as possible. This is because their proprietary sample carrier keeps bacterial cells alive but does not grow during transport.

Thus, manipulation and sequencing of Shadow samples is nearly 30% more accurate than that of other specialist cooperatives, which use either dry swabs or cell lysis cradles.

Ombre’s assay technique involves the dissection of a special type of RNA called 16S RNA. 16S RNA is an exceptionally abundant ribosomal RNA in bacterial cells. Districts of this 16S RNA (called V3-V4 zones) are exceptionally factors among various species of microorganisms. This element allows Shadow to recognize different types of microscopic organisms by dissecting the hereditary arrangements of these places and evaluating bacterial species in the stomach.

Ombre tests over 10,000 types of microorganisms and just shows you the really huge strains in your latest report.

After Shadow investigated your microbiome, they expect to give you important information, but how could you trust the experiments to be reliable?

Ombre’s exclusive programming dissects your bacterial cosmetics against numerous results listed in the American Gut Project. They also analyze your results through a calculation that takes into account every microbiome research paper written to date (around 50,000 of them) and gives a certainty score, so they know exactly how badly your results are accurate.

They consider whether the examination takes place on people, cells or test tubes, as well as the duration of each examination. They are also looking at whether the exam was a sham dual controlled treatment for the visually impaired. Their product allows them to summarize the elements of 4,000 microorganisms and guide them to over 1,000 food bindings and over 500 improvements.


Ombre Gut Health Test and Probiotic Pills has a white paper showing the viability of their personalized probiotic suggestions in a review with 99 patients. These people revealed an improvement in side effects such as disposition, absorption, and weight. Likewise, members had further developed the assortment in their microbiome (characterized by a decrease in pathogenic microorganisms and a moderate expansion of variety).

It might be confusing from the start, but understanding that “custom probiotics” does not imply that Ombre will create a particular recipe tailored to your results and send you those personalized probiotics is fundamental.” They offer personalized proposals, and that means they consider your results while suggesting which of their ready-to-use probiotics would serve you best.

Like most probiotic diets, even a custom equation would have some margin of return. results. Our analyzers found an increase in bowel consistency and a decrease in stomach upset during the first to seven days of treatment. More extreme side effects, such as emotional well-being issues and more severe stomach issues, set in somewhat less often and took longer to see a positive change.

Who is Shadow for?

Truly Ombre is for everyone. Collecting an example is simple, and the results are simple enough for the vast majority to understand, especially the proposals. Ombre is particularly suitable for all those who experience gentle or intermittent encounters with the accompaniment:

Disadvantages related to the stomach Blockage Swelling Excessively dry or smooth skin Malaise Weakness Problems with drowsiness There are unquestionably more side effects than the probiotics and food proposals of Ombre can solve. All things considered, we allow anyone with tremendous torment, inconvenience, or psychological well-being issues to seek additional help. Shadow goes to great lengths to remind customers that their tests are not indicative and that a doctor will be your best source of diet and lifestyle advice.

Roll it all with Ombre

Request preformed probiotic products at Shadow is a simple cycle, like buying any item on the web. For a personalized report on Shadow’s stomach wellness, here’s your specialty:

Go to the Ombre site and request the Ombre gut health test.

After accepting your pack, activate it on the site and save it.

Gather your example. Shadow suggests you take your exam after your most memorable solid discharge of the day. After completing your solid discharge, you wipe off but do not discard the tissue. You then use the cotton swab from the assortment pack to grab a small sample and place it in the assortment tube.

Return the sample to Ombre in the prepaid envelope.

Wait to accept your results. Ombre has a fair runtime and you’ll probably get your results around three weeks after Ombre accepts your example.

Each time your results are prepared, you’ll get a stomach health report that incorporates loads of data on the microbes Shadow has found in your example. He also has important knowledge to further develop your stomach microbiome, including a diet plan and a personalized probiotic blend to help you achieve your wellness goals. If you need much clearer results and proposals, you can upgrade to their awesome plan anytime for an extra $10.

Insider Tip: The assortment of samples may be too dry to even consider testing if your defecation. We suggest you stay fully hydrated for at least 24 hours to pave the way for your intended assortment time. This will allow the given swab to get more material in one pass

Our analyzers observed that underlyings were generally delayed at Shadow transport times. During previous testing stages, we saw that the organization (then, at that time, known as Thryve) delivered items and created results within the timeframes they guaranteed.

It’s also significant that we requested our testing this time around as the organization was going through its rebranding from Thryve to Shadow, and it was at global transport bottlenecks. Things should just smooth out from then on, but you might still need a bit of perseverance before you get your hands on a test.

HSA, FSA and medical coverage
Depending on your particular FSA/HSA, you might have the option of paying for Shadow Admins along these lines, but you should check with your provider first. There is not reasonably any insurance agency that would cover the cost of a test from Ombre or their probiotics. In any case, a modest number might consider a receipt given for an incomplete refund.

Protective Considerations
Shadow protects your protection by isolating your real identity

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