“One Exercise Ball, One Pair of Weights, and Lots of Reps”: Mandira Bedi’s Power Workout Will Challenge You

Mandira Bedi is not only a fitness enthusiast, but also an advocate of a healthy lifestyle, regular and fun workouts and good nutrition. She often takes to Instagram to share her empowering workout routines that can be done at home. Hit every major muscle in the body, pushing the limit a little every time, and always having fun with his workouts are things she swears by when it comes to training.

Recently, she shared her latest workout regimen on Instagram, which required nothing but a exercise balla single pair of weights to repeat the exercises in “many, many repetitions”.


Here’s a breakdown of his workout routine for you try at home:

  • She started with dumbbell deadlifts.
  • Then there were chest presses on an exercise ball.
  • She then performed weighted squats with the dumbbells.
  • The next step was the chest fly with a precise shape.
  • For the next exercise, she lay face down on the exercise ball with her hands resting on the floor, and lifted both legs toward the ceiling to target her core and glutes.
  • The last exercise was a basic exhaustion. Bedi lay down on the floor with her legs pointed towards the ceiling and passed the exercise ball from her hands to her feet, challenging coordination as well as balance at the same time.

Do you want to try this workout?

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