Plank Exercise Routine: How to Do Planks for a Flat Stomach

Exercises to improve your core strength are extremely popular right now, especially with the desire to have toned abs before summer, and boards are a means by which you can have a flat stomach.

Boards are the most common exercise for flattening a stomach, although there are a number of variations on the simple form to achieve better results.

It all depends on what is comfortable for you, regardless of what others may say, and it often takes people a while to find the variation they are most comfortable with.

You have to floor

As detailed by many experts, there are very few complete training programs that do not include the plank in some description.

The basic form requires you to assume a push-up position with your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle, forearms placed and resting on the floor, and the tips of your toes touching the floor.

This shape keeps the body straight and parallel to the ground and improves core strength.

What other boards are there?

There are other ways to maximize the effectiveness of your plank exercise, including alternate arm and leg raises.

This involves extending your left arm forward at shoulder level once in a raised position. plank position, you then alternate between left and right arms and legs, in order to work your core but also your arms and legs.

A side board is based on the original plank position, but you must open your hips and chest to one side, then raise the opposite arm to the ceiling and return to the original position, before swapping arms.

Plank ups and downs are a variation that seriously helps tone your arms. You should get into a high plank position, then lower one elbow, followed by the other elbow to enter the plank position on the elbows.

Then raise your elbows after a second and return to the starting position.

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