Tula Skincare Founder Dr. Roshini Raj Talks About America’s Gut Health Problem, The Microbiome, And The Biological Clock’s Rolling Back

Dr. Roshini Raj always planned a career in medicine. As the daughter of two doctors, she had an early interest in science, but she also learned from an early age the importance of helping people. With medicine as the perfect marriage of the two, her path was clear and she went to Harvard for her undergraduate education and then to NYU medical school, where she now practices as a gastroenterologist.

But a decade after treating various digestive issues, Dr. Raj began to notice a trend in his practice. “After my patients started probiotic treatments, I saw a significant improvement not only in their internal health, but also in their appearance,” she recalls. “Often their skin was calmer and clearer, and I could tell they felt better before they even had a chance to tell me.” Astonished by what she was seeing, the gastroenterologist began researching the topical benefits of probiotic extracts and quickly learned that they had a proven ability to soothe and calm inflammation in the skin. “I knew it was the next game-changing innovation in skincare,” she explains.

So in 2014, Dr. Raj put research into action and launched Tula, a clinical skincare brand powered by probiotic extracts and superfood ingredients. Now, after helping thousands of clients treat their acne, fine lines and wrinkles, dryness and other skin issues with the method, the gastroenterologist is sharing even more of her wisdom with her new book, Gut Renovation: Unlock the Anti-Aging Power of the Microbiome to Reshape Your Health from the Inside Out.

Read on to learn more about the book, how to find beauty from within, the gut health epidemic currently plaguing America, and how the microbiome may be the key to turning back the biological clock.

Gaby Shacknai: Tell me about the digestive issues facing Americans today. Why do you think so many people suffer from these problems?

Dr. Roshini Raj: Your gut health is important in ways you might not expect. One such pathway in particular is our body’s aging process. In my specialty, I examine people from head to toe and can see how they age from the inside. Often my patients suffer from medical issues usually associated with someone decades older than them. I see people aging faster than they should due to dietary and lifestyle choices. Especially as we enter the third year of a pandemic, the extra stress we put on our bodies does not help and only contributes to the speeding up of our biological clocks. We’ve all had to consider our health in new ways, making ourselves aware of the changes that need to be made to our diets, exercise routines and stress management – we need to make our health a priority.

In my new book, “Gut Renovation: Unleash the anti-aging power of the microbiome to reshape your health from the inside out“, I present to you a plan to improve your microbiome and boost your digestion, your immunity, your mood and your vitality. I recommend lifestyle changes that can lead to real improvements in your digestive health, chronic health conditions, cancer prevention, and even your state of mind.

Shacknai: What exactly is the microbiota? How does it work and how can it affect various aspects of health?

Dr. Raj: The microbiome is a general term for the many trillions of microbes (bacteria, viruses, and fungi) that live in and on your body. The microbiome influences almost every aspect of your health. A balanced microbiome is the foundation for boosting your immunity and protecting you against age-related chronic diseases that could lead to premature aging, years of poor health, and a shortened lifespan.

Shacknai: What is the connection between gut health, or the microbiome, and skin health? And how do Tula products support this connection?

Dr. Roshini Raj: I’m a big proponent of the beauty-from-within approach. A happy and healthy body will radiate beauty and intestinal health has a very strong impact on the health of the skin! Probiotics are health-promoting bacteria that work to improve your health, both inside and out. Tula doesn’t believe you have to choose between healthy ingredients and ingredients that work. Probiotic extracts are incorporated into 100% of our topical skincare products and are a powerful natural ingredient that helps restore the skin’s natural balance and radiance, nourish the skin to improve moisture and smoothness, and soothe the skin to calm the appearance of irritation and inflammation.

Our new Daily Dose Advanced Daily Probiotic & Skin Health Complex (which officially launches March 2) offers a new and improved ingredient formulation, which includes four probiotic strains and a superfood beet prebiotic fiber and works with ceramides to help promote digestive health while promoting smoother, more hydrated skin. The inclusion of spinach enzymes and an increased concentration of vitamin C also provide a vital boost of antioxidants and help protect against free radical stress.

Shacknai: As more and more people are waking up to the world of wellness and looking at their health more holistically, do you think they are also becoming more aware of their gut/microbiome health?

Dr. Raj: I think that’s definitely a priority for people. They want to establish good habits for the future. One area that I think gets more attention from people is what ingredients they put in and on their bodies.

In the field of skin care, the demand for clean skin care is increasing rapidly. People want to know what ingredients are included in their skincare products and they know the benefits they provide. We are seeing ingestibles and supplements becoming a bigger part of the beauty industry.

Shacknai: Supplements, especially probiotics, seem to be all the rage these days, but many are little more than marketing ploys. How can people break through the noise and identify which vitamins and supplements are actually helpful?

Dr. Raj: The first step is to look at the ingredients. You want powerful ingredients that are not only good for you, but also effective. This is central to Tula’s approach to product innovation. We are committed to reviewing the latest research and findings to continuously innovate and bring effective products to market.

Our new Daily Dose Advanced Daily Probiotic & Skin Health Complex will launch on March 2. plus superfood beetroot prebiotic fiber that supports and nourishes healthy gut microflora*, and spinach enzymes and vitamin C to provide a vital boost of antioxidants and help protect against free radical stress.

Shacknai: In “Gut Renovation,” you consider improving gut health through the lens of a home renovation, but what are the practical steps and changes readers can make to optimize their microbiome?

Dr. Raj: My goal for “Gut Renovation” is to help readers take care of their inner ecosystem. I take everything I’ve learned in my many years as a gastroenterologist and condense it into healthy lifestyle and eating strategies I’ve developed for my patients so they can improve their microbiome, boost their digestion, immunity, mood and vitality and slow down the aging process.

I outline specific steps you can take in the book, but I always tell my patients to look at their body as a home. To stay safe and comfortable, a home needs constant maintenance and basic repairs. However, to turn your house into a dream home, you need a complete renovation. In the book, I describe everything in a room-by-room approach to eating (the kitchen), sleeping (the bedroom), working out (the home gym), and more to help readers establish habits. that will contribute to a healthier gut and a healthier life. the life.

Shacknai: What kind of benefits can be seen when these changes are made, especially when applied to reversing the biological clock?

Dr. Raj: Many people think their aging process and life expectancy are out of their control, but we have more to say than you think! Genetic factors are only responsible for 25-30% of your expected longevity. A healthy gut and the right approach to your digestive health can help you age more slowly. “Gut Renovation” takes scientific research and gut health discoveries and gives you a guide on how to apply it to your daily life, so you can get the maximum benefits, including aging well, having a beautiful appearance and live a better life.

Shacknai: Why do you think this book – and the advice it contains – is so needed right now, as we enter the third year of a global health crisis?

Dr. Raj: We have all been under tremendous stress over the past few years – physically and mentally. Now is the time to strengthen our resilience in the face of illness and aging. Doctors continue to see patients arrive with a host of symptoms brought on by stressful quarantine conditions. Many people have developed unhealthy habits and lifestyles during the pandemic that need to be changed. “Gut Renovation” comes at the perfect time to help reinvent, reinvigorate and reset readers’ aging clocks.

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