Urgent plea from Galway mum for cancer treatment to extend her time with her children

Diana Mazionyte, from Oranmore, County Galway, is appealing urgently for help as she battles stage 4 cancer.

The mother-of-two underwent immune-boosting treatments following her diagnosis of liver and colon cancer late last year. However, these treatments are very expensive.

She told RSVP Live: “I’m going overseas this month to get immune boosting treatments, but the funds I have will only be able to cover one session.

“I have been told that I will most likely have to come back for the treatments, and I don’t have the money for follow-up visits.”

Diana also underwent other therapies such as ozone injections into the cancerous part of her liver as well as vitamin C treatments to boost her immune system. Unfortunately, due to the advanced nature of her cancer, chemotherapy is not recommended.

“I made the decision in my head, I’m going with alternative medicine,” Diana said. “I didn’t want to be home sick for six months minimum after chemo, maybe longer after radiation or surgery. I don’t want this life.

“I have two young children, I don’t want to be like a bag of stones on their shoulder or a patient at home.”

Due to ongoing treatment, Diana is now facing financial difficulties.

She has set up a fundraiser for her cancer which you can check out here.

She and her family were completely taken aback by her diagnosis last year.

“I was shocked, I cried,” Diana said. “I phoned home and told my husband, and he said it must have been a mistake, you’re fine.”

However, since her diagnosis, Diana has been seeing a psychotherapist, who she says has helped her massively to deal with what she is going through.

Her diagnosis came after she suffered from fatigue and stomach pain.

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