Weight loss: Married couple lose 17 stone with ‘simple’ diet and exercise changes

Chris and Hayley Pandolfo were unhappy and overweight for many years before fixing their diet and exercise habits. Here’s how they did it.

Hayley explained: “Our marriage before was difficult and very unhappy. We were both severely depressed and did not communicate as a couple.

Chris added: “I was really ashamed of myself.”

Working in security during the night shift, he could easily “hide” from the world.

“I was taking responsibility for the financial upkeep of my wife and children, but I kind of just went into hiding and got fatter and sicker.”

It wasn’t until he saw his reflection on his laptop screen one night, while avoiding mirrors, that he realized what a “sad, sad person” he truly was.

Reaching a ‘tipping point’, Chris realized that at 35 he was only two years younger than his mother when she died of an obesity-related illness.

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He thought, “I’m going to do to my wife and children the same thing my mother did to me.”

And if he survived, he didn’t want his kids to think, “Daddy’s just sitting in the chair and doing nothing.”

Wanting to do whatever it took to stop himself from going down this path, he signed up with Beachbody, turning down weight loss surgery because he wanted to deal with why he had gained weight in the first place.

He wrote: “I’m fat, I’m sick, I’m dying. I need your help.”

He did home workouts, mostly boxing, twice a day, “at home so my wife and kids could see me doing it”, and changed his diet.

Chris admitted: “I weighed close to 400 pounds so I just needed to physically move no matter what I was doing.”


Hayley recalls Chris becoming a whole new person: “He started working out in front of the TV and cooking his own meals. Her personality has become lighter, kinder and more open. He has changed on the inside even more than on the outside.

But it was not easy; Chis often vomited during intense workouts, before coming back for more.

At times when it was hard to stay motivated, Chris held a pizza or burger in one hand and a picture of his family in the other, reminding him of what he had to lose and who he was doing this for.

But he stuck to his goals: “I don’t do a very good job of pointing out how scared I was to die, because I didn’t want to die – even though I acted like I was trying to commit suicide with all my unhealthy diseases. habits.”

After 18 months he was an incredible 12 stone and entered the Beachbody Challenge.

He came first out of 50,000 competitors and won an incredible $100,000 (£73,500).

At first, Hayley’s personal struggles meant she struggled to be happy for her husband, let alone follow in his footsteps.

Depressed herself at the time, she confessed: “I hated it all, I was so resentful. When you’re in such a dark place, you never believe that something as simple as doing exercise will change your life.” I was a master at not looking at myself and ignoring problems.

But almost three years after Chris’ transformation, something has changed for Hayley: “One day I realized I felt like I was living in a basement, with this physical need to get out. I said to Chris, ‘I have to do what you did.
“That night, I spent the whole night watching transformation videos on YouTube.”

The very next day, she began a workout regimen and, as far as food went, ate three nutritious meals a day “and no snacks.”

Previously chasing happiness at the bottom of bags of crisps, Hayley and Chris relied on processed foods such as crisps as their staple diet.

She admitted: “I was probably around 19 when I had my first salad.

“It was takeout all the time and we never left anything on the plate.”

Chris added: “A big turnaround was that we refocused when we started training, looking at food as fuel for the workouts we were doing.”

At the start of her journey, Hayley was ’embarrassed’ that Chris was in the room with her when she was training, but now, an impressive five stone after a year and a half, they do it together and ‘have a laugh’ at the same time .

Ever since they both lost weight, Chris and Hayley have never been happier, and Hayley will never forget when her daughters heard her laugh for the first time in years and said, “Is mom just laughed?

“I was looking to lose weight, but what matters most to me is that it changed me for the better and I can be a better mom for them.”

For those looking to embark on a similar journey to Chris and Hayley, they’ve taken the “mostly vegetarian” method, where meals typically incorporate a source of protein and a side dish of vegetables.

Filling up on veggies meant couples could be in a calorie deficit and still feel full.

Chris concluded: “Our trip is actually really boring and simple. We did our workouts every day and stuck to a particular method of eating.

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