Women’s Health Through Exercise and Nutrition with NJ Eat And Fit

Health care is often associated with doctor visits, preventive care, lab tests, and vaccinations. Other aspects, however, are within our personal control, such as improving our diet, reducing stress, and making our lives more enjoyable.

Exercise and nutrition may be the closest things to a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to looking and feeling great through life’s seasons. Keeping these two things in mind, Nahray Jannat’s NJ Eat And Fit is a weight loss program aimed not only at helping women look and feel good, but also at motivating women to adopt a fashion healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

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Nahray Jannat’s story begins in 2013, when she was earning enough money as a corporate media employee, enjoying a luxurious lifestyle and traveling around the world. In some ways his life was ideal. However, she felt that something was missing. She realized that she had gained weight and was leading an unhealthy life every time she looked in the mirror. She felt lost due to her unfit physical condition and her lack of initiative to change her lifestyle. It was with this realization that she decided to take control of her life. Being motivated to improve her lifestyle, she began her journey by starting NJ Eat And Fit and becoming a fitness trainer.

Unlike most fitness programs that blindly offer a set of diet and exercise plans for everyone, NJ Eat And Fit focuses on each client’s unique specifications and goals. It offers five different programs: 12-week weight loss program, fat loss program, pregnancy fitness program, monthly online consultation, and corporate group wellness program. Each of these programs takes into account the client’s weight, height, body measurements, hormonal statistics, medical history, and health conditions, among others. They determine their client’s body type and create a diet and exercise plan accordingly. If the client does not have recent medical reports, Nahray recommends certain medical tests to assess the client’s current health status.

They also consider the client’s stamina, lifestyle, and injuries while designing an exercise routine and meal plan that allows them to function in a way that works for them and maintain that lifestyle. in a practical way. They work closely with their clients on exercise and meal plans based on their goal.

Starting with focusing on mental health, increasing positive thinking and attitude to meeting the health needs of mothers and their children to increase strength, endurance and metabolism, each of NJ Eat And Fit addresses the aspects necessary to create and maintain a holistic healthy lifestyle.

Nahray believes that health is a priority and that healthy women are essential to building a healthy family. She says, “Strong women symbolize a strong nation. In our society, women’s fitness is a neglected topic, which is very alarming. It makes me want to work on the physical condition of women. She further adds: “I believe that I am able to change this scenario. . I’ve helped over 50 women in the last year, and I’m still trying.”

Since it may not be possible for everyone to commit to the gym, NJ Eat And Fit believes in promoting healthy, lasting transformations by meeting the unique specifications of our customers. With this initiative, NJ Eat And Fit is focused on changing women’s health status and implementing solutions that provide holistic improvements.

Anyone wishing to benefit from Nahray’s services can contact her via her Facebook page or directly call Humayra Khan Sara, the Administrative Assistant and Communications Officer on 01775054902 and contact the coach on 01533598900.

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