World Parkinson’s Day campaign helps exercise

A number of leisure centers and gymnasiums across Chilterns have announced free membership for people with Parkinson’s from April 11.

The support campaign aims to help people living with the disease, which often causes tremors, body stiffness and slow movements, although symptoms can vary and there are more than 40 recorded symptoms.

Currently, there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Everybody Active’s free membership campaign in partnership with Buckinghamshire Council provides access to group gym, swimming and exercise classes and free membership for caregivers.

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The announcement came ahead of World Parkinson’s Day on Monday April 11, a day to raise awareness about the disease, which affects around 145,000 people in the UK.

The brand new Chilterns Lifestyle Center in Amersham, Chalfont Leisure Center in Gerrards Cross, Chesham Leisure Centre, Swan Pool and Leisure Center in Buckingham and Aylesbury Aqua Vale Swimming and Fitness Center are set to take part in the campaign.

Parkinson’s disease is said to be the fastest growing neurological disease in the world.

New 25 lane swimming pool at Chilterns Leisure Center in Amersham.

People with Parkinson’s find a variety of activities, from walking to dancing, beneficial in managing their symptoms.

Steve Salwa, contract manager for Everybody Active, said: “We want to encourage the whole Parkinson’s community to exercise and believe that we have an activity for everyone, whatever your age, ability or your fitness level.

“Being more active will help members live well with Parkinson’s, improve physical fitness and mental well-being, and have fun.”

Val Benn, 70, from Suffolk, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in April 2004, and she advocated for exercise.

Her exercise routine includes up to two hours of exercise a day to manage her condition, specifically to keep her muscles from atrophying and to keep her upper body strength strong enough for her to perform. daily tasks.

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She commented ahead of Parkinson’s Day: “I’m delighted to see Everybody Active is partnering with Parkinson’s UK to offer free membership to people with Parkinson’s and their carers.

“My condition has deteriorated, but I wouldn’t be where I am right now without exercising. I try to play table tennis, golf, bowling and strength training whenever possible.

“Doing online pelvic floor and Kegel exercises tightened my stomach muscles which really helped with my urinary incontinence – a symptom of Parkinson’s disease.”

Getting into the habit of regular physical activity can also make people with Parkinson’s feel more in control, said Tom Ingram, head of corporate partnerships at Parkinson’s UK.

He added: ‘It supports both physical and mental health and, depending on what you choose, can provide social support and interaction, which can really help people living with Parkinson’s and those providing support. informal care.

“Quality of life can be improved and independence and confidence maintained.”

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