7 Indian Dishes That Help Cure Bowel Problems

Doctors often recommend including gut-friendly foods in the diet because our gut health is linked to our overall health. These foods also contribute to the development of our immune system. So we contacted nutritionist Dr. Rohini Patil, Author of The lifestyle diet, and asked her to share some gut-friendly dietary recommendations. said Dr. Patil,

Eating junk food like pizza and burgers occasionally is okay, but shouldn’t become a habit. Bacteria living in the intestine play an important role in digestion, weight control and immunological function. What you eat not only supports you, but also supports the billions of bacteria that live in your gut.


Read on to learn about 7 foods that support the gut.

1. Khichdi

This dish can help calm your stomach. The restorative fats and fibers in the ghee and dal balance the high glycemic load of rice. The meal is recommended in the satvik diet for a good and healthy gut, as well as other benefits like fiber intake. Khichdi relieves constipation, loose stools and vomiting. When you add vegetables to your khichdi, the nutritional content and health benefits increase significantly.

2. Besan Kadhi

Better known as Kadhi, it is high in magnesium and fiber, both of which are important for gut health. It is also used to treat menstrual cramps, constipation, and weight loss at home.

3. Curd rice

Curd rice is considered one of the most effective home treatments for digestive problems. The microbial properties of the curd make it a good treatment for indigestion. Curds are rich in beneficial bacteria that aid digestion and aid in weight loss. White rice is easy to digest and absorbs all the flavors of the curd without compromising its nutritional value. Curd rice helps maintain a healthy microbial balance in the body.

4. Idli

For centuries, this famous South Indian dish has been used to improve digestive health. Idlis are a healthy meal option as they are low in calories and high in gut bacteria. When eaten with chutney containing fermented foods, the benefits of probiotics are amplified. IdliThey are easy to eat for children and adults due to their texture and flavor.


5. Murabba Amla

Amla promotes digestion and breaks down food into smaller particles, in addition to promoting improved absorption of nutrients from food. This murabbaIts high fiber content makes it ideal for digestive and gastrointestinal problems such as constipation and gastritis.

6. Dhokla

Your bowel movements will improve and your energy level will also increase by consuming dhokla, since it contributes to the balance of intestinal bacteria. DhoklaIts texture and flavor facilitate consumption by the elderly and toddlers.

7. Buttermilk

It is a by-product of the cream churning process. When cream or milk is made into butter, it leaves a non-greasy, thin, slightly acidic residue. This is how traditional handmade buttermilk (known in Indian homes as chhaas) is commonly characterized. Probiotics or live bacteria are found in buttermilk and are beneficial for our gut health and digestion. According to a growing body of evidence, irritable bowel syndrome can be treated with probiotic foods or drinks.


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