EW Nutrition Seeks to Alleviate Gut Health Problems in Poultry

“Pretect D is a combination of phytomolecules, including tannins and saponins, which help birds maintain their production performance even under difficult conditions. Pretect D is EW Nutrition’s answer to a long-standing customer need: to alleviate gut health problems in poultry ”,Said Madalina Diaconu, product manager for Pretect D.

The product can be used by millers or directly by poultry farmers.

It is launched globally. “There are still a few countries where we are awaiting the finalization of registrations ”,Diaconu told us.

Research on the product, conducted worldwide, in research institutes and under commercial conditions, has shown improved body weight and lower feed conversion rate, EW Nutrition said.

Contested environments

The phytogenic combination has been designed to support the natural defenses of birds; tests have shown that Pretect D is effective even for Eimeria-related challenges, said the representative of the company.

“Diagnostic methods for Eimeria spp. are only used when there is a clear suspicion of coccidiosis. Even in nonclinical cases of coccidiosis, the severity of the infection is usually estimated by the number of oocysts excreted in the stool (OPG). We performed these analyzes and saw the indirect effect of Pretect D on the population of Eimeria.

“Eimeria causes serious damage to the intestine, from inflammation to oxidative stress. Adding a product that can improve beneficial microbial population, gut barrier function and immune response can be an effective solution and be part of a coccidiosis control program ”,Commented Diaconu.

Pretect D was developed for use in combination with vaccines, ionophores and chemicals, as part of the shuttle or rotation program.

“The antioxidant effect the product has demonstrated makes Pretect D one of the promising tools that can be used in the existing shuttle / spin program, to make them more effective.”added the product manager.

The product reduces a poultry farmer’s dependence on anticoccidials or chemical coccidiostats while maintaining production performance, she said.

“With Pretect D, we take a step-by-step approach that is specific to the farm, and we try to understand the needs of our customers and meet them accordingly. This means that, depending on the product already used by the customer, Pretect D can be added at different stages / phases of production, or in the classic anticoccidial program that the customer has chosen to use.

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