Gut Health and Probiotic Survival Rates – Manila Report Card

The past few years have been a stepping stone and focus on health and wellness as an individual. It is a realization that has hit us all hard.

When Bifina launched on July 25, 2022, it was a highlight of how gut health plays a crucial role in the overall well-being of every individual.

The launch was a day full of daring games and gourmet Japanese dishes from Hotel Okura. Guests were transported to a Japanese themed event to highlight the Japanese origin of premium probiotics and how they have easily become the number one probiotics in Japan for 25 years.

With Mikaela Martinez, also an avid user of Health-Aid Bifina probiotics.

Why is gut health important?
Gut health is important because it aids digestion and the absorption of nutrients into the body.
If a person’s gut is out of balance, they may have problems absorbing nutrients into the body and regulating blood sugar. Some conditions can stem from imbalances such as acid reflux, heartburn, bloating, rash/allergy, etc.

Vincent Dy, vice president of operations at VPharma, discovered the Japanese product because his grandmother had been constipated for a long time. He was able to find it and let his grandmother try Bifina, which ultimately helped her immensely.

Dy said the key word for probiotics is “survival rate” – “probiotics won’t work if they’re dead, so we need live probiotics to get to the gut for them to work and thrive. inside the intestines”.

He expressed his pride that Bifina is the only brand in the Philippines capable of delivering live probiotic strains to the intestines with a 90% survival rate. This is due to Morishita Jintan Co. Ltd’s patented microencapsulation technology that coats prebiotic and probiotic strains in saliva, esophageal acid and other stomach acids. This is also one of the reasons why Bifina has been the #1 probiotic supplement in Japan for 25 years.

The complete Health-Aid Bifina line includes products for babies and toddlers (Bifina Baby), children (Bifina R), young and middle-aged adults (Bifina S), and adults with serious illnesses and the elderly (Bifina EX).

Health-Aid Bifina is available at S&R, Mercury Drug, Watsons, PCX, we NOURISH (Makati Jupiter, Santolan Town Plaza, SM North Annex), Mothercare, The Parenting Emporium, VPharma Robinson’s Magnolia Kiosk,

You can also buy it online via,,,, and



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