Gut health expert Dr. Mansi Shah launches functional medicine-based treatment for gut issues

Dr Mansi Shah

Dr. Mansi Shah’s highly sought-after gut health treatment is available to patients nationwide

I’m excited to help people on their gut health journey using my experiences. The intestine plays a vital role in human health.

— Dr. Mansi Shah

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 3, 2022 / — Dr Mansi Shah quickly became one of the nation’s leading authorities on gut health. After falling seriously ill, conventional medicine was unable to determine the source of her symptoms, which included loss of energy, constant stomach pains and numbness in her left side. She was bedridden for 6 months during this period.

She embarked on a journey of functional and nutritional medicine treatment protocols that included extensive microbiome testing, lifestyle changes, the addition of professional-grade nutraceuticals and regenerative medicine, including stem cells and exosomes. She has fully recovered and is living her vibrant best life again. She is now a valuable resource for physicians unable to treat patients with similar symptoms. She has been personally invited more than 90 times to use her expert gut health knowledge.

Dr. Shah’s Functional Wellness Network, a national network of specially trained independent healthcare practitioners specializing in gastrointestinal wellness, today announced the availability of 6th Element, a new treatment program for treat common digestive problems. Designed to go beyond traditional remedies, the multi-pronged bowel healing protocol developed by Dr. Mansi Shah, BPharm, PharmD is based on a functional and nutritional approach to help patients find relief from bowel and self- immune system as well as chronic pain and inflammation.

Her own practice has treated hundreds of patients and she is considered one of the nation’s top gut health experts for her work in this exclusive field.

“A 2013 study by Harris Interactive showed that between 73% of people surveyed had symptoms of poor gut health, including unexplainable stomach pain, intestinal upset, low energy, heartburn, stomach, skin irritations, headaches and insomnia,” says Dr Shah. . “Millions of people who don’t look or feel their best are unaware of the huge role digestive health plays in making them sick.”

“Unfortunately, the typical American diet is high in saturated fat, sugar, and processed foods, which strain the body’s ability to process food efficiently and extract nutrients from what we eat,” says- she. “Research has definitively proven the ‘brain-gut’ connection, which is why impaired bowel function has many ramifications, including energy levels, mental health, weight management, and even skin appearance. skin and hair.”

She adds that other factors that can lead to gut health issues, often referred to as “leaky gut syndrome,” include excessive alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, stress, sleep deprivation and lack of alcohol. hydration. Dr. Shah’s interest in gut health began following health issues she battled during her twenties.

“Despite my youth, I was constantly tired and had chronic stomach pain and numbness in my extremities,” she recalls. “Doctors were puzzled and conventional medicine was unable to diagnose the source of my symptoms. As I became more and more desperate, I decided to study nutrition and the sciences that focus on how the human body works.

Gut health statistics:
– Tens of trillions of “good” bacteria reside in the intestinal region
– 75% of the immune system is in the gut
– 60-70% of people have digestive problems
– Studies have shown that using probiotics can reduce ADHD
(Website Greatist, 2022)


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