Inspirational 94-year-old man turns down ‘heavy-duty’ terminal cancer treatment to end the daily lakeside walk in Doncaster instead

An inspiring 94-year-old man took on a daily walking challenge, despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Alan Bocking, who lives in Doncaster, was diagnosed with stomach cancer in August this year and was told he “wouldn’t see [his] next birthday “.

But Alan, who will turn 95 next month, decided that instead of having “heavy” treatment, he would instead embark on a fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Care.

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The father of three and grandfather of five said: “I have decided to turn my diagnosis from bad news to good news and now I am focusing my energy on fundraising for Macmillan while he is in my business. rest.

“I have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement my family and friends have given me.”

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Alan’s daughter Chris Fraser, 64, recounted Yorkshire Live : “I think he’s great, if I had any doubts about his stoicism [I don’t now]. He’s a bit unique really.

“He’s got a lot of drive and what I admire the most is he’s someone who could have given up and he found a way out with a big hurray.”

Chris said she was in a meeting with doctors when they told her dad his cancer was terminal and she said she was told not to expect to live much longer.

She said: “He didn’t really have much hope, I was in a meeting with him and they said ‘you won’t see your next birthday’.

“His [the cancer] in his stomach and thrives in the esophagus, which ultimately means he won’t be able to swallow food. So even though he can still fend for himself, he has no treatment and keeps moving forward. “

Alan, a former Royal Marine, has always led an active life and enjoyed cycling and skiing in his youth.

Alan and his wife, skiing in the 1950s

In fact, Alan and his wife, whom he has been married to since 1954, would go skiing in the hills around Sheffield – a hobby he continued until he was 70.

And the 94-year-old has long enjoyed trekking the Doncaster Lakeside circular walk, the same route he now takes for charity.

Alan will run half a mile of the route each day until his 95th birthday on January 5, and his efforts have already raised a staggering £ 7,853 for Macmillan.

And far from just fundraising for charity, Chris said his daily walks kept him in good shape so he was as healthy as you would expect for a man with cancer. .

She said: “We thought he should start treatment now, but we’re not at that point yet, we thought it would be his last Christmas, but I’m starting to think maybe it isn’t. not the case. .”

If you would like to donate to Alan’s fundraiser, You can do it here.

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