Know the link between gut health and optimal weight loss

Your gut health is central to your overall health. Taking care of it will automatically ensure that you can fight and manage complex chronic diseases like diabetes, ward off infectious bacteria, and also ward off digestive issues. But did you know that gut health also plays a role in your weight loss journey?

Nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary, who specializes in gut health, weight problems and diabetes, recently shared an explanatory post on Instagram in which she explained “the connection between your gut and optimal weight loss.”

“There are so many times that clients come to me to complain that they just can’t seem to lose weight or stick to a healthy meal plan,” she said.

She added that the cause of “distorted hunger,” that is, when you are hungry right after a meal or maybe always hungry and can never stop eating, is “an imbalanced gut microbiome, which ends up causing weight gain “.

She also elaborated on intestinal dysbiosis, which is when a sufficient amount of YY peptide, the hormone that “sends a signal to your brain about your level of satiety so that you understand that you have to stop. eat ”, is not secreted.

Intestinal dysbiosis, in turn, causes an imbalance of two other hormones: leptin, which decreases appetite, and ghrelin, which increases appetite. “This is why you will find yourself dropping dieting over and over again and no amount of intuitive eating is enough. If your gut is not doing well, how can you expect to eat intuitively, because the hunch for appetite is clearly coming from the gut, ”she said.

It is only after improving your gut microbiome that you will be able to listen to your body’s signals and signals, according to Chowdhary, who also said that a gut cleanse can help you stick to your meal plan and keep you healthy. eat mindfully.

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