Lose weight with exercise balls

Here are some exercises that can help you get in shape using exercise balls!

It’s technically winter time, but that’s no excuse to let your abs get covered in all that visceral fat, so put the cookies and the milk down and read how to stay or lose weight and make sure. you that your abs are on point this year just by doing the ball exercise…. And since it’s almost the holidays, I’m not talking about borballs.

So let’s take a look at different balls you can use to keep your abs in place, starting with one of my favorites:

The Slam Ball

Now, the slam ball is sometimes called medicine ball, but it is Not right, because the slam ball is very different because it is specially designed for throwing exercises and can withstand impact against hard surfaces and will not bounce or hit you in the face.

Slam Ball Exercise 1

Slam over the head

  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Hold the slam ball with both hands
  • Extend the ball over your head
  • Then slam him to the ground with all the force
  • Crouch down to pick it up
  • Repeat accordingly

Alternative version:

Oblique focused

  • So rather than going straight, lift the ball over your head but this time target the left and right side separately.
  • So lift up the left side
  • Slam down on this side
  • Crouch down to pick up
  • Then slap on the right side
  • And repeat accordingly

Slam Ball Exercise 2

Slam Ball Reverse Spoon Throw

This movement seems to have a variety of names but that seems to sum it up perfectly, this movement can also be done with a wall ball.

  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Hold the ball with both hands
  • Then crouch down and throw the ball over your head and behind you as far as you can


Add a sprint

After each spoon, sprint past the ball and throw the inverted spoon in the direction you came from and continue until you have completed the desired reps.

Wall ball

The wall ball

Now the next piece of gear I want to focus on is the wall ball, again, the name is a dead giveaway, as it is typically used to hit walls.

The wall ball is much larger than the slam ball or medicine ball and is not designed for slamming, but great for hitting against walls or throwing overhead.

Wall Ball Exercise 1

Spinning wall ball throw

  • Standing a few feet from a wall
  • Hold the wall ball with both hands
  • If the wall is to your right then grab the ball towards your back hip (on the left side)
  • Then, while rotating your body, throw the ball against the wall
  • It should be an explosive move
  • Catch the ball
  • The repetition for the desired repetitions
  • Repeat on the other side and make sure you do the same range of reps

Wall Ball Exercise 2

Wall ball throws

  • Standing near a wall
  • Hold the wall ball with both hands
  • Make sure it is at chest height
  • Then squat down
  • And go up and throw the wall ball uo and slightly forward so that it hits the wall
  • Then grab the ball and drop down into a squat and come back into the next rep
  • Repeat for the desired repetitions accordingly

Wall Ball Exercise 3

Wall ball partner squat toss

  • Standing in front of a partner about 5 to 6 meters away
  • One of you will hold the wall ball
  • Then crouch down and throw the ball to your partner
  • Your partner will catch the ball, then crouch and throw it at you accordingly.
  • Continue repeating for the desired repeat range

This exercise can also be done with a medicine ball.

Make it more difficult:

Add intensity by mirroring your partner, so crouch when your partner squats even when you don’t have the ball.

Medicine ball

Medicine Ball

Now let’s move on to the ball most commonly found in gyms nationwide, of course the medicine ball.

Medicine ball exercise 1

Medicine Ball Stomach Strokes

So my first exercise is a real headache (pun intended).

  • Start by lying on the floor
  • Have your training partner stand on top of you with the medicine ball in hand
  • Have your partner throw the ball towards your abdomen
  • Make sure you take the shot and try not to catch or block the ball
  • Once it has reached its target area, grab the ball and send it back to your partner
  • Then get ready again for the next shot
  • Repeat for the desired repeat range

Alternative target area:

Oblique focus

  • So if you want to target only the obliques, have your partner stand a lot closer.
  • They will literally dominate you.
  • They will hold the ball at all times and will not drop it at any time
  • Prepare your abs
  • And make sure they hit the obliques with “mini” hits on one side
  • Once one side has been wiped out, move on to the other side

Medicine ball exercise 2

Medicine ball kneeling partner twists

  • Make sure you’re on your knees
  • And back to back with your partner who should also be kneeling
  • One of you should have a medicine ball handy
  • Your two hang on your hearts
  • Then slowly turn to one side and pass the ball to your partner (so your left will be there to the right and vice versa)
  • To keep things symmetrical, be sure to turn and pass in the opposite direction as well, so if you pass left for 20 seconds, pass right for the same amount of time.


It can also be done standing.

So there you have it, some great exercises to get you in good shape during the holiday season. And if your gym doesn’t have any of the balls mentioned in this article, then you had better add it to your wishlist for the holidays.

So until next time, keep pumping!

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