New year, a whole new you! Exercise and Healthy Eating Can Improve Mental Health

After living through 2021, another year of the coronavirus pandemic, it is time for us to take a seriously compassionate stance with more emphasis on personal development and mental health in 2022. We are facing challenges. many uncertainties due to the pandemic – including increased morbidity and mortality, economic instability, volatile markets and struggling businesses, among others. This is without a doubt the biggest health event that has occurred in the past four generations, and we are still fighting to end it.

As many of us have started to think about New Year’s resolutions, now is the best time for us to prioritize a physically and mentally healthy and fit lifestyle in 2022. Data suggests that activity physical activity and exercise are beneficial for mental health. Although exercise is not able to cure mental illness, it can provide important benefits for general well-being and alleviate symptoms of mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.


Stress can cause illness, and illness can cause stress.

Stress can cause illness, and illness can cause stress. As exercise improves overall health and longevity, it can help us deal with stress to a great extent. Physical activity and exercise have also been shown to improve mood, improve energy levels, build endurance, and promote good quality sleep. Exercise lowers stress hormones such as cortisol and increases endorphins, which are chemicals in the body for well-being. Exercise can also promote self-confidence, as one can maintain a healthy weight and physique and improve one’s strength.

Dr Sahir Jamati is Head of Department of Psychology, Masina Hospital, MumbaiAgencies

Dr Sahir Jamati is Head of Department of Psychology, Masina Hospital, Mumbai

Much of the population has faced several problems due to the pandemic. After the waves of Covid in 2020 and 2021, people still face the uncertainty of the new waves. This can cause apprehension. A lot of people haven’t taken a vacation or even visited the mall or the gym for quite some time now. They stayed inside for a considerable time to be safe. But staying indoors for such long periods of time hasn’t proven to be healthy for many, leading many to prioritize health like never before.

The pandemic has made us re-evaluate various aspects of life and the way we approach our physical condition. People began to recognize the importance of a healthy diet and a good daily training regimen. Home workouts, yoga routines, tech-assisted fitness programs, virtual workout classes, diets to keep your mind and body healthy, online aerobics classes, zumba, dance and other forms activities have become the choice of most of us to stay mentally and physically fit. People have also started to take an interest in monitoring their stress levels, strengthening the immune system, improving gut health, and incorporating mindfulness into their daily lives.

Small changes in your lifestyle can help keep you physically fit and mentally stable. Find an ideal training program. Cut back on salt, refined sugars, and carbohydrates and caffeine. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, drink enough water, take regular breaks, and relax between busy schedules. Sleep well and continuously for at least 7 hours. Fill your life with laughter and fun. That way, you would be better prepared to deal with most of life’s problems.

Dr Sahir Jamati is the Head of the Psychology Department at Masina Hospital in Mumbai.

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