One Love Organic: on a mission to improve the gut health of people and the planet

Keep the digestive system healthy with this new range of ready-to-serve functional juices to be launched in spring 2022.

Everyone needs fiber to help maintain a healthy digestive system. Unfortunately, most people find it difficult to get enough fiber each day from their regular meals alone. In fact, in the United States, people typically consume less than half of the required fiber intake each day, which is not good for their digestive health. But the good news is that One Love Organic is entering the premium drink category with a new line of functional, long-life juices designed to improve gut health and boost immunity.

One Love Organic’s premier product line contains a proprietary, curated blend of carefully selected prebiotics to naturally enhance the microbiome to better support the digestion system. Each juice contains six grams of fiber per serving and is made from 100% organic fruits and vegetables grown without pesticides or herbicides. It is non-GMO and contains no added sugar, artificial flavors or colors.

Set to launch on the One Love Organic website in Spring 2022, these functional drinks are perfect for those looking to boost their daily fiber intake while still enjoying great taste. They will come in 4 delicious flavors rich in fiber – Beetroot, Mango, Pineapple and Cherry – so there is something for everyone!

One Love Organic is the first family business to focus on 100% organic fruit and vegetable juices for gut health. More than just delivering great taste, its mission is to create premium juice products that also deliver a boost of health benefits to better support the digestive system – while using sustainable ingredients and packaging materials. to respect the earth’s resources.

Committed to improving lives through good nutrition and sustainable practices, One Love Organic leads by example with its own operations by using 100% recyclable and reusable glass bottles for all of its products and by providing reusable and free containers. BPA for all its products in single serving. . They strive to be respectful of the environment and society, in the hope of inspiring other companies to change their practices as well.

In addition to using only the best ingredients in its products, One Love Organic is also keen to partner with organic producers who share the same values ​​and are committed to making the world a better place by using green and sustainable energy.

And with the upcoming launch of its prebiotic drinks, One Love Organic is proving that even small family businesses like them can do good by providing high-quality organic fruit juices with a mission to make a difference in people’s health and to improve their health. save the planet from waste. .

Enjoy all the health benefits of high quality fruit and vegetable nutrients while being environmentally friendly. Be the first to fall in love with One Love Organic’s amazing prebiotic drinks by joining the waitlist at

About One Love Bio

One Love Organic is a family business with a mission to improve people’s gut health while respecting the earth’s resources. Inspired by their own challenges as parents, they discovered that fiber was too often lacking in their children’s meals and as a career-driven family, they were on a quest to create a product that offers advanced nutrition to deliver. the best thing after eating. fruits and vegetables to their loved ones. The founders of One Love wisely developed an easy-to-consume, fiber and nutrient-dense organic prebiotic drink that can be consumed without sacrificing taste or quality for today’s busy lifestyles!

Life is a beautiful cycle that can be sustained if we learn to take care of ourselves and others. Our environment needs to be nourished as much as our body, so let’s take our responsibilities together!

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