SC Partners With Equine Guelph For Free Gut Health Course

Posted: December 9, 2021 10:00 a.m.ET

Standardbred Canada (SC) is partnering with Equine Guelph (EG) to offer a free online course for SC members on Racehorse Gut Health & Colic Prevention in March 2022.

The Racehorse Gut Health & Colic Prevention course will be offered March 7-18 and available FREE to the first 150 SC members who sign up. To register click here.

Due to the demanding life of the equine athlete, a large number of racehorses are exposed to digestive tract health issues such as ulcers and colic. In this short online course from Equine Guelph at, you can learn from the experts how to reduce the risk of digestive issues in your barn and improve your horse’s performance on the track.

The educational partnership between Standardbred Canada and Equine Guelph was officially launched with SC sponsorship of the Racehorse Respiratory Health Course, offered free to SC members last winter.

One hundred and thirty SC members participated in the course, which looked at reducing the risk of respiratory problems in racehorses with daily management routines and improving the horse’s performance on the track. The course featured respected industry experts as course instructors – Dr. Melissa McKee from Ontario and guest expert Dr. Patty Hogan from New Jersey.

The ongoing Standardbred Canada-Equine Guelph partnership is also offering a 15 percent discount on all short courses to its member owners, breeders, trainers, guardians and handlers to receive online industry training on the portal. of the horse.

“Standardbred Canada recognizes Equine Guelph’s initiatives to support and promote the welfare of horses,” said Dan Gall, President and CEO of SC. “We are extremely pleased with our partnership with Equine Guelph over the past year. We have had a good number of registrations for the breathing course and hope to replicate that with the Racehorse Gut Health & Colic Prevention course next March. The health and welfare of horses is a priority for our association, and through this partnership we hope to provide some of the educational opportunities and tools members need to ensure the welfare of their horses.

Equine Guelph has been a pioneer and global leader in online education for horse professionals since its inception in 2003. The Horse Portal was launched in 2017 and has become a national success, in partnership with 10 English-speaking provincial equestrian federations. across Canada. It is a partnership platform for the equine community, accessible to all players in the equine sector. The Horse Portal quickly grew to include youth organizations, international safety associations, and horse racing partners including Standardbred Canada, Ontario Racing, Central Ontario Standardbred Association, Horse Racing Alberta, and the Alcohol and Beverage Commission. Ontario Games (2019-2020 Online Training Pilot). ). Standardbred Canada members will be able to access their page for information on the free Racehorse Gut Health & Colic Prevention course and an ongoing 15% course discount at

Stay tuned for the announcement of guest instructors and experts. For those who have never taken an online course before, no prior online learning experience is required.

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