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For decades, many Americans have been obsessed with getting the perfect body. Every year people try to pass themselves off as models and actors, or just to get in shape.

To meet these aspirations, new companies regularly come in promising the secret solution to being in better shape without having to work so much or tire so much. Whether it’s a new workout program or revolutionary equipment, people are always ready to try new fads of fitness, hoping they will deliver the results they want.

24/7 Tempo has reviewed fitness magazines, newspaper articles and online publications to determine the exercise craze every year since 1956.

A lot of these fitness fads come in and go out of style very quickly. Some are tips for losing weight, and others have been shown to be scientifically ineffective. Some of these fads can actually help people get in better shape, as long as they can stick with the program. Many people find it difficult to stick to exercise routines for a variety of reasons, including a lack of the time, energy, or persistence to train regularly.

For those who want to keep it simple, it’s easy to forget that walking is actually an aerobic activity. After all, about 7 billion people do it every day. It is low impact, simple, natural, accessible, and has many health benefits. Here are 30 reasons why walking is the best exercise.

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